Meet the Staff at Dark Horse:

                                                                     Chase L. 

Hi I’m Chase and have been practicing options for over 5 years and have been doing my own investing in the stock market for over 7 years. I look forward to helping all of you grow! 

                                                                           Noah G. 

Hi, my name is Noah and I have been in the trading game for about 3 years. I have experience in scalps, swings, and long term investing. I specialize in options swings. Excited to work with you on your journey to financial freedom!

                                                                     Blaze L.

Hi my name is Blaze. I have been doing stocks for 3 years and specify in Crypto and scalp trading. Excited to be apart of the Dark Horse team!       

                                                                     Tristan O. 

Hello, I’m Tristan. I’m the owner of Dark Horse plays. I have been trading  for roughly 4 years. I specialize in day trading and slight swing trading. Excited to be working with everyone in the Dark Horse family!    

                                                                                                                                                          Miles P. 

Hi, I’m Miles, my role at Dark Horse Plays consists of  Senior Director of Crypto Currency Operations and analysis. I have 6 years of experience in trading of Crypto and research of market trends, with a specialization in alternate crypto coins.  I am also the Technology and Press Media director, I am excited to help you expand and grow your portfolio with Dark Horse.